Websites/Social Media – getting started

I have written some basic guidelines, that I will continue to edit. I adapted heavily from Meredith Gould’s book The Social Media Gospel, which I have found incredibly helpful!

NEYM social media advices and questions

Social Media as Spiritual Practice (written for Friends General Conference)

Where to begin? Helpful tips and advices

Should your church advertise on Facebook? (part one)

7 rules to reach the masses via Facebook (part two)

Ways to Improve Your Church Website

Outreach/Website checklist for meetings

Three Effective and Sustainable Social Media Strategies for Churches

Harnessing the power of WordPress for Church Websites – Christopher Harris

Hashtags for Churches

Church Social Media (blog)

Communications Strategies – The Episcopal Diocesese of Virginia

Seven Multimedia Sites worth Surfing this summer – The BtS Center

Quaker Meeting/Church Websites:

Concord Friends Meeting

Putney Friends Meeting

Portland Friends Meeting

New England Yearly Meeting

Minneapolis Friends Meeting

Deep River Friends Meeting

Lyndale Church of Christ

Facebook Pages/Groups:

Quaker Communications and Outreach

New England Yearly Meeting

West Epping Friends

Quaker Voluntary Service 

Quaker Religious Education Collaborative

Worcester Friends Meeting

Westport Friends Annual Book Fair

Smith Neck Friends (Dartmouth Monthly) Meeting

Smithfield Friends

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