Digital safety – and growth with intention


In this new blog post, Keith Anderson shares his thoughts around

Youth and Social Media: Identity, Relationship, and Shared Discovery

This seems very important to me.  Parenting is hard – and the myriad of choices around social media, and how youth connect can be challenging and confusing.  The conflicting information often doesn’t serve us well.

I think our task as parents, and as leaders in community, is to keep listening.  The medium might be very different from what I grew up with.  The need to fit in, the presence of bullies, the struggle to love and to live rightly on a path of the Inner teacher is still as valid as it ever was.  As so we explore, we test, we mess up and apologize and move forward together in a new world of conenctivity that can help as well as hurt.

Also, here’s some more practical ways parents can navigate these new territories with their chlldren. They are all our children, of our community.  And we owe it to them to pay attention.


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