Diversity of Gifts (of Social Media)

Do what you do well.

There are hundreds of ways to create outreach opportunities.  It often seems to be that using every next new thing is exciting and necessary.  And yet…

There is great value is finding what is most called for, most useful, and disregarding the other avenues of service and connection that not a good fit for your own meeting or community.  Would your meeting be best suited with a facebook page?  A simple website?  An active twitter feed sharing concerns and news?

How can this be a greater spiritual discipline of finding ways to engage that are fruitful and Spirit-led?  Are there members of our meetings and churches that might be specifically called to engage in these ways?  In my travels and conversations of late I’ve sometimes heard a challenging statement – “we are not able to maintain/develop a website/facebook page”.  Are there one or two members that might be led to that work?  Just as in many meetings there might be one Friend specifically called to vocal ministry, to witness in the community, to spiritual accompaniment… might there be a webservant in your midst?  And is it our opportunity and obligation as a faith community to nurture that form of expression and faithful service to our community?

We are reminded in scripture: There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all could these gifts include faithful digital outreach and faith-led media enagagement as well?  

All effective outreach could use a plan.  Social media, in all of its various forms and places, can be enhanced and become more effective if one plans for how it might be used.

Here’s a very helpful basic checklist to how one might use Facebook for outreach.  And here’s a slideshow with some helpful facts and suggestions as well.

It is from Randall Curtis, of The Holy Geek.  He’s been a regular presenter at eformation – and has some great basic tips and suggestions!


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