Stop Stealing Dreams – A Manifesto on Education (Seth Godin)

Changing school doesn’t involve sharpening (1)

Stop Stealing Dreams – Seth Godin (download PDF here)

#stopstealingdreams is a call to action and common sense.  Written by Seth Godin, it is a clear summary of what school life is often like – and what the goals of education currently are and might be someday if we choose to change them.

As the calendar turns to fall, and I remember why I am not returning to teaching this year, I ache for the systems that support these new ways of looking at education.  The industrial model no longer serves us.  Not just in the education of our youth, but in the coping with drastic change in our society.

Changing school doesn’t involve sharpening the pencil we’ve already got. School reform cannot succeed if it focuses on getting schools to do a better job of what we previously asked them to do. We don’t need more of what schools produce when they’re working as designed. The challenge, then, is to change the very output of the school before we start spending even more time and money improving the performance of the school. – Seth Godin, Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?)

I can’t recommend this more highly.  I as a parent need to be more aware of these currents, in my own child’s school experience.

Godin also speaks of the connection economy.  No longer is garnering facts and data useful to students.  How to think, how to process, and living in a connected world is what will guide us further.

We are seeing these trends and needs, of connection, of new ways of thinking, of innovation and creativity on many places.  The church, school systems, the way we do business and live our lives.  Godin’s Manifesto is not only about public education.  It is about changing the lens through which we see, being responsive and innovative, and what is needed in this world today.


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