Returning to Hope amidst a season of rest.



Returning home after travel and Work is always a challenge for me.  In this time, I’ve been very careful to get enough rest, drink plenty of water, and not get excited about any new “projects”.  This year (the first of many) I will not return to a teaching job in September – which also is a huge change for me.  Navigating those changes can be hard.

As a visual learner who seems to live in metaphors – I’ve learned to see the messages of Hope all around me.  In my walk on the beach this morning, I found open clamshells reaching towards the sky, as if in prayer.  I encountered surfers holding lessons of balance and grace and control.  I saw water taking the shortest distance and path of least resistance in its return to the sea.


I’ll be spending the next few weeks at home, on vacation with my family, and in grounding rituals of walks and prayer and solitude.  I was reminded this morning of how all of that can be connection to the Divine – and all in wonder.

Each activity of daily life in which we stretch ourselves on behalf of others is a prayer of action—the times when we scrimp and save in order to get the children something special; the times when we share our car with others on rainy mornings, leaving early to get them to work on time; the times when we keep up correspondence with friends or answer one last telephone call when we are dead tired at night. These times and many more like them are lived prayer. – Richard Foster

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