How we connect…

I just returned from eformation2015 – a fantastic three days of exploring how we connect ministry and each other as the Church in a digital world.  Days filled with sharing resources, discussions over twitter, and encouragements to sit in class and be on devices in “live” time, sharing what was happening in the room with others outside.

For me, it had all the elements of a terrific education conference – meeting colleagues, resources shared by those who had tested them, and going home with a long list of fresh ideas and encouragement in the journey.

For the past year, I’ve been engaged in many life-shaping changes.  I left a career in teaching that didn’t feel a good “fit” anymore, and continued to work more formally in a halftime position for my faith community.  This left more time for family commitments, and exploration of travel in ministry that is growing as I listen and test with my support committee.

The next step is integrating those aspects more fully together.  It feels right to start a new blog to hold those connections and resources as I continue to travel among Friends.  Although I do much work officially as NEYM “staff” – it feels rightly ordered to also be my own presence and voice as I live into this ministry of connection and growth both virtually and in person, in our beloved covenant community.  I would be grateful if you joined me on the Journey!




One thought on “How we connect…

  1. So good to have you with us at e-Formation, Kathleen. Thanks for the shout-out, and blessings as you continue on your journey of discernment.


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